Taxis On Patrol

TOP is a public-private partnership designed as an anti-crime and emergency reporting program whereby trained volunteer drivers in the performance of their duties serve as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement agencies in reporting observed crimes, suspicious activity, fires, automobile accidents, medical emergencies, and the like.

“See Something. Say Something!”Metro Transportation Planning and Solutions Group

Taxi drivers on the lookout for crime

Allison Sylte,  KUSA4:30 PM. MDT June 29, 2017
KUSA – They’re on the roads all day, every day, so it makes sense that Denver Police are tapping them for help.
DPD officially re-launched the “Taxis on Patrol” program (or TOPS) during a news conference Thursday morning. It’s a commitment to safety that costs nothing to tax payers and only makes DPD’s job easier.
“Police simply can’t be everywhere at all times, so the goal…is to be extra eye and ears on the streets,”
Robert McBride, the President of Metro Taxi.