Knowing how to innovate while remaining simple

“Ergonomics, simplicity and completeness”: according to Google, these are the criteria for creating an innovative product. New services must be easy to use and understand. The consumer is constantly solicited and will not hesitate to go and see a competitor if the neighbouring product seems simpler to use. While we are always chasing time, today’s applications are there to win us over. Interfaces must be “user-friendly” in order to be integrated into the daily use of consumers.


Identify your target

Before you start, you need to determine your core target, your audience. Depending on age, location or professional background, you will not address them with the same codes and words. So define precisely who you want to address and what tone you will adopt to capture their attention.


Using a cab

One can imagine that the place where you want to go is not necessarily accessible with public transportation. Therefore, you can choose to travel with the help of a cab driver for example. You also have the advantage of being able to book in advance via a mobile application, or by SMS. You can follow the progress of your driver.



Take a look at the competition

By definition the idea of the century only appears once a century. So if you have had an idea, someone else has already had it before you and has already implemented it. So it’s up to you to identify it, see its flaws and what can be improved to make your concept a real business. So make sure you benchmark your market.