We live in a world wherein one way or another, we depend on each other, regardless of how much we try to deny it. One person holds the key to what another wants, so does another, and the chain continues. That’s pretty much the reason why we need to communicate among ourselves and efficiently at that too. We make up the societies we live in, and knowing the art of communication and its do’s and dont’s is what helps and will help us make a better world.


Listen more than you speak

Maintaining a healthy balance between listening and speaking is essential. However, listening is the key to making the most of our relationships. We’ve all been through it, and we all know conversations with someone who talks endlessly are not fruitful for anyone. To make the most of your conversations, listen to the other party carefully.

Give feedback

Feedback is, without a doubt, the most essential part of communication. It is what ensures that the content of the conversation got through to each party and whether it was understood. Wait till the speaker is done and then give your feedback and ask questions if you have any.


Don’t block out parts of the conversation

One of the main things that destroy fairly good communication is zoning out during parts that aren’t your favorite. Paying attention to the entire conversation as a whole is what will get both parties to a favorable conclusion. Make sure the speaker feels heard and give adequate feedback after intervals.

Interrupt the speaker

Whether you have any questions or are unsure what the speaker meant during a part of the conversation, hold it till the speaker is done talking. Interruption during conversations can lead to a break in the flow, and may even make it less useful than it originally would have been.

Communication is a far more important survival skill in the world of today as compared to others. To make your mark in society, perfect the art of communication.