Speed cushions are a must-have for any activity that includes high speed. Whether you’re playing a game or commuting, it’s important to have a cushion that will help you stay comfortable and safe while driving, commuting, or just riding. These cushions protect you, your vehicle, and other road users from crashing. This article focuses on the benefits of using speed cushions for roads.



Sensible speeds

If you’re not careful, you’ll crash into other motorists. The law requires that motorists drive at safe speeds. Without a speed cushion, you won’t be able to avoid those who deviously drive too fast. You’ll also be less likely to crash if you spend the recommended amount of time on the road.


Safety for passengers and yourself

A speed cushion will automatically protect passengers and your vehicle’s passengers by absorbing the impact of a collision with other vehicles as well as fixed objects such as poles, trees, light posts or guardrails.

The cushions also prevent any glass and metal shards from cutting into your car or injuring your occupants inside in case of a collision with another vehicle’s bumper or front end parts. Even if there is no glass shard damage, all it takes is one wound caused by airbag material hitting your body to cause major health problems later in life. There are no known cases where a passenger has been hurt by a piece of glass, so be sure to always use the cushions.


Vehicle insurance cost reduction

Insurance companies won’t pay any claims for damage caused by cars without bumpers. If you’re buying a used vehicle, some unscrupulous and dishonest sellers won’t install protective bumpers on their vehicles which is possible since it’s against the law for them to do so.

If you’re responsible for a vehicle that does not have protective front guardrails or bumper, it’s your personal choice to pay your car insurance company or buy another car. Having the speed cushions protects you from such misfortunes.


They Enable Emergency Cars Pass Quickly

Each of the speed cushions can hold about 36 pounds. The material has a tensile strength of around 3,000 pounds so that the cushion can hold itself up without assistance. Even if it is placed on a slope during an emergency crash, it will not collapse out of exhaustion.

These cushions save lives for emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters that require rescuers to reach the stranded vehicles quickly. They help rescue teams to pass through them with ease at high speeds. They also protect pedestrians when they are hit by cars as they skid and slide off the road by keeping their bodies off the road surface.


They Suitable For Many Sizes Of Vehicles

These speed cushions are adjustable and are made to fit most automobiles. They come in round, flat and rectangular shapes with various colors to match different cars. Whatever car you have, you can always check out our guides. discover our guide to buy speed cushion and get the best.


They Reduce Accidents and Deaths

Speed cushions can save lives as they have a significant impact on reducing accidents and injuries. The study revealed that if speed cushions are fitted in cars, it can lower the likelihood of rear-end collisions, causing deaths and injuries. It can also reduce the likelihood of head-on collisions between vehicles.



Having speed cushions are crucial for any traffic lane or road. They not only cushion the speed but also save lives. These cushions can also be used to alleviate impact when an accident occurs. Due to their benefits, speed cushions are an excellent investment for any driver.